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Word Tower

One meeeellion

by on May.16, 2010, under Word Tower

Word Tower has reached one million plays. Assuming an average of say, 5 minutes a game, that’s more than nine and a half years of time used. Perhaps someone given 9.5 years could come up with a nice programming language or maybe created a whole new game. Instead they’ve been placing letters to climb up a little tower, maybe repeatedly. Awesomesauce. Here’s to the next million!

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Word Tower on Yahoo Front Page

by on Mar.20, 2010, under Word Tower

Word Tower is currently on the front page of Yahoo Games. Glad to see so many new faces trying out the game. :)

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Word Tower

by on Jan.04, 2010, under Word Tower

Bigger, wordier, and more tower-y: Word Tower has been released.

Word Tower is medieval word-adventure game. Use words as building blocks to climb up and the towers and rescue your Princess!

You can play it here on No Fail Games.
It’s also available on Kongregate and Newgrounds. If you play there, give it a few votes too!

Special thanks to our sponsor,

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